Packaging for
Meat and deli

For your butcher products

Packaging for meat and sausages is crucial to ensure food safety, preserve freshness, and extend shelf life. Choosing the wrong type of packaging can pose risks to consumer health and compromise organoleptic quality.

Specifically, inadequate wrapping can promote the growth of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms, leading to contamination and foodborne illnesses. Additionally, it can increase the likelihood of fat oxidation in meat, resulting in unpleasant odors and rancid flavors. Finally, unsuitable packaging can contribute to moisture loss from the meat, causing dehydration and compromising texture and tenderness.

We have the perfect solution for: cured meats, hams, mortadella, meat.

Each Cartaform package is characterized by:

  • Excellent machinability and weldability
  • Excellent resistance to pasteurization/sterilization
  • High barrier performance to ensure adequate shelf life for packaged foods.

Types of packaging

  • Monolayer film on reel for Flow pack or VFFS packaging
  • Multilayer film on reel for Flow pack or VFFS packaging
  • Preformed pouches
  • Doypack or stand-up pouches, also with resealable zip
  • Mono or multilayer peelable top film for trays

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The right packaging protects your product and enhances its value.

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    A different approach? The planet asks for it. That’s why for us at Cartaform, sustainability is synonymous with practicality. Here’s how we apply this principle: