Flexographic Printing

We currently have three flexographic printing lines equipped with state-of-the-art technologies such as automatic register and pressure, fully automated washing, and in-line defect control.

Our capabilities include:

  • Printing up to 10 colors
  • Printing width up to 1300 mm
  • Application of glossy, matte, and soft-touch registered varnishes.

We also have an ink formulation station with print quality control using a spectrophotometer to ensure consistent shades of the chosen colors.

Lamination / Coupling

Through the lamination process, we combine two or more layers of film, paper, or aluminum to enhance the mechanical strength and barrier properties of the packaging.

For this purpose, we utilize:

  • Solvent laminators
  • Solventless laminators
  • Glue dot laminators.

Cutting and Winding

We have:

  • Slitter rewinders
  • Cross cutters

capable of producing any required format, both in reels and sheets.

Die Cutting, Punching, and Embossing

Our capabilities include:

  • Die cutting in any shape
  • Punching
  • Embossing on paper and film.

Preformed Pouches

Preformed pouches are highly versatile for packaging food and non-food products.

We can manufacture various types of pouches:

  • Doypack and stand-up pouches
  • Envelopes with four seals and a K bottom
  • Envelopes with side gussets
  • Flat envelopes without gussets
  • Vacuum bags

Furthermore, each bag can be customized with special processes such as:

Tear-off invitation, laser perforation for easy opening, re-sealable zip, Degassing valve for coffee, euro hole for envelopes.

Quality controls and certified production

Ensuring the quality of our packaging and compliance with safety regulations is a top priority. We conduct constant control of the materials used, check the printing characteristics (color shades and readability of detection codes), assess the adhesion strength between materials, and inspect for solvent residue. These capillary controls are performed at every internal production process and by our subcontractors, guaranteeing the suitability of our packaging to the customer’s needs.

Recognizing the strategic importance of sustainable development, we have also committed to obtaining certifications. These recognized business models reflect our dedication to operating in the market with social responsibility and prioritizing environmental and economic sustainability.

Green as a synonym for practicality

Sustainability is our priority

A different approach? The planet asks for it. That’s why for us at Cartaform, sustainability is synonymous with practicality. Here’s how we apply this principle:

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