Cartaform. We shape the concept of protection.

Printed flexible packaging for uncompromising safety.

For over 30 years
we have been safeguarding your products.

We offer innovative solutions for the protection of your products.

Established in 1991 as a printed wrapping paper company. However, we didn’t stop there. Over time, as we observed changes in the market, we expanded our production capabilities to include plastics for food and industrial packaging, catering to the most intricate customization requirements.

Our mission has always been crystal clear: to offer unparalleled quality and reliability.

Our packaging products

Every day, we strive to offer you the most suitable packaging solutions for your products. We consistently prioritize the quality of our products, ensuring maximum safety for each packaged item with our Cartaform proposals. Furthermore, we couple this commitment with a swift and efficient service, promptly addressing every individual requirement of our customers.

Green as a synonym for practicality

Sustainability is our priority

A different approach? The planet asks for it. That’s why for us at Cartaform, sustainability is synonymous with practicality. Here’s how we apply this principle:

Our advantages

Three decades of experience

Your products reresent companyand we ensure they are wrapped with quality and precision, thanks to our extensive experience.

Packaging safety

We clothe your products, protecting them from any damage or deterioration, using the safest, most reliable, and state-of-the-art packaging methods.

Flexibility and effectiveness

Our solutions are versatile and effective, perfect for various applications. With our expertise and knowledge, we can offer personalized advice to meet your specific needs.


Technology is at the core of our operations. Each Cartaform packaging is crafted using the most advanced devices available in the market.


We are committed to fostering a more sustainable economy through our choices, emphasizing practicality and proven process efficiency.

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