Packaging for
objects of any type, clothing, footwear industry products

For all the ideas you have for packaging

We have the perfect solution for: objects of any kind, clothing, products from the footwear sector.

Each Cartaform package is characterized by:

  • Excellent machinability and weldability
  • High resistance to chemical agents.

Types of packaging

  • Monolayer or multilayer film in reel for Flow pack or VFFS packaging
  • Multilayer laminated paper in reel for Flow pack or VFFS packaging
  • Coated paper in sheet and reel format
  • Kraft paper/tissue paper in sheet and reel format

Looking for the right protection? Trust us!

We find the most suitable outfit for your product.

The right packaging protects your product and enhances its value.

    Green as a synonym for practicality

    Sustainability is our priority

    A different approach? The planet asks for it. That’s why for us at Cartaform, sustainability is synonymous with practicality. Here’s how we apply this principle: