About us

Since 1991, we have been shaping the concept of protection.

Since 1991, we have been shaping the concept of protection.

Our company, specializing in printed flexible packaging for food products, combines thirty years of experience with a forward-thinking and dynamic approach.

We have never ceased our progress since 1991. Initially, we gained recognition for our meticulous production in the printed wrapping paper sector. Through continuous and targeted investments, we expanded our product range by incorporating the use of plastic materials for food and industrial packaging.

Furthermore, our recent acquisition of a new production site and the integration of cutting-edge machinery have propelled us towards even higher quality standards.

We meticulously select and utilize only the finest quality materials, ensuring optimal results in flexographic printing.

Do you know what we value above all? Effectiveness and flexibility.

Our certifications

Recognizing the strategic significance of sustainable development, we have chosen to pursue a path of structural, ethical, and environmentally conscious economic growth. As part of this commitment, we have set specific objectives, including obtaining certifications.

For us, certifications symbolize our dedication to operating in the market with a strong focus on social responsibility, environmental sustainability, and economic viability.

For every shape, the right packaging!

Customized packaging for your needs

We were born, nurtured, and evolved with a singular purpose: to fulfill all your packaging requirements. We offer a range of products and deliver high-quality services, with a strong emphasis on customization to meet your specific needs.

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